My name is Monica Rosquillas and I’m a 29 year old Mexican American from San Diego, California. I’m currently embarking on a sustainable travel adventure in South East Asia with my boyfriend Fernando. We refuse disposable plastics and volunteer along the way. Follow along to read about our journey and how you can also live more sustainably!IMG_1249[1]


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  1. Hi Rowena,

    We are launching a connected conservation product next month and would love to get your support on our #NOH20 campaign to raise awareness for water conservation and access. The campaign is asking everyone to give up one water using task for one day, to save over 1B gallons of water. More so, the product launch will also raise money for those charities participating.

    Would it be possible to connect the appropriate person from your team (maybe that’s you?) with our founder some time this week? We plan to launch the social campaign next week, which would coincide with your efforts quite well.

    I look forward to hearing from you!

    Very best,


  2. Hi Monica,

    I just found out about your blog and am super excited to read about your adventures. We have a refill shop in North Park, Earthwell Refill, and would like to invite you to the shop so that you can check it out. We refill body care and household products, all of our products are 100% plant based. We are located at 2603B University Avenue. We hope to see you soon.


    Katrina Oprisko


  3. Monica! I’m so sad I can’t seem to find you on Instagram anymore 😦 you are such an inspiration to me, I wish we had worked together more often ! I’d love to one day meet up & have a little zero waste picnic or something 🙂

    lots of love,


  4. I am so inspired by how fully you have integrated this very important cause into your lifestyle!!!! I live in San Diego (ocean beach) and would love to meet you one day!


  5. Sorry to ask a random question, but I was wondering what kind of bags, jars, etc. you use to buy flour in bulk (if you do). I can’t find anything that the flour doesn’t fall through.


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