5 Ways You Can Help Save our Oceans

Happy World Oceans Day!

Today is World Oceans Day, a global day of ocean celebration and collaboration for a better future! Although it’s important to care for our oceans every day, today is a great day to raise awareness on the importance of our oceans and to encourage the protection of one of our greatest natural resources.

Here are 5 Easy Things you can do to help our oceans:

  1. Refuse Disposable Straws, Bags, & Bottles
    Help our oceans by saying no to straws, bringing a reusable bag to the store, and reducing your consumption of plastic packaged drinks and food items. Better yet, go all out and make a commitment to reduce all disposable plastics! It’s challenging but the oceans, its inhabitants, and future generations will thank you.  Plastic Free July is just around the corner and a great time to start. To help you, here are some very helpful plastic free tips.

    This poor sea turtle had a plastic straw in its nose. (click on photo to learn more) Let’s try to stop this from happening to other animals. Refuse the Straw!


  2. Help Clean Up the Oceans
    Eighty percent of the waste in the ocean starts out on land. By helping clean up our land we are preventing that waste from ending up in the ocean. Whether you participate in an organized clean up event or pick up 3 pieces every time you go on a walk, you’re making a difference! Looking for some inspiration? Check out Take 3 For the Sea.
    Cleaning the stream, and the ocean at the same time!
  3. Choose Ocean-Friendly Seafood
    There are many problems with conventional fishing methods; bycatch, overfishing, and reef degradation to just name a few. Vote with your dollars and choose sustainably-caught seafood. Check out the Sea Food Watch Guide for recommendations and to learn what species to avoid when out at sushi restaurants or at the market.

    The Vaquita, a species endemic to the Northern Gulf of California, is at extreme risk of extinction due to unstainable fishing practices. (click on link to learn more) Want to help them? Avoid fish and shrimp tacos.
  4. Go Plant-Based
    Our oceans are not only suffering from our overconsumption of fish but of our over consumption of animal products in general. Fertilizer and other nutrient runoff from agriculture cause dead zones in the ocean, areas where the low oxygen content make it uninhabitable for wildlife. One of the largest dead zones is in the Gulf of Mexico, where the Mississippi River, which receives massive agricultural runoff,  meets the ocean. Since most of the food grown, like soy and corn, goes towards feeding livestock, you can help by eating less meat and animals products.
    For delicious plant-based recipes check out some of my favorites: Hot For FoodMinimalist Baker, and Rawvana.

    Easy and inexpensive plant-based camp food
  5. Save Energy
    Our oceans absorb carbon dioxide from our atmosphere, and with increased emissions, the ocean’s chemistry is changing. Coral reefs, shellfish, and the entire ecosystem are at risk. You can reduce your emissions by biking, using more public transport, and by practicing the 4 tips above!

Our lifestyles are having a great impact on the ocean, from the food we eat to our methods of transportation. The good news is, we can help save the oceans by making small changes in our lifestyles!

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